Today's world is a global world. You need to sell internationally to achieve the full potential of your business. Markets are increasingly sophisticated and media-savvy. Consumers expect top quality, not only in the products and services you supply, but in the way you tell them about yourself.

If your literature is being translated into a foreign language, it must be just as stylish, idiomatic, persuasive and precise as in your own language. That's where re-translation comes in. Translation alone is often not enough. Your translated material should be reviewed by a native speaker of the target language, with enough knowledge and experience to communicate the right message - even if the words used aren't completely faithful to the original version.

That's where Toby Wallis Communications can help you. As well as talented copywriters, we have a team of specialist translators who work with us to ensure your literature truly speaks the language like a native.

Not only will you avoid unfortunate mistakes like the famous Swiss hotel brochure boasting "a French widow in every room", you'll end up with a powerful piece of company literature that will truly serve its intended purpose.

Do contact us for further details about our translation and re-translation services.