BlankCanvas™ WEBSITES:

BlankCanvas™ self-editable website packages from Toby Wallis Communications put the power and control of your website in your own hands.

Whether you have a website that will contain rapidly-changing information, or you want to be able to design and build your website from scratch, or you simply want to be in control of your own site, then consider a BlankCanvas™ package. It's ideal for a small business, club or society!

As the name suggests, when you purchase your BlankCanvas™ package, you receive a web site consisting of four totally blank pages (except for an inconspicuous authorship and ownership footer at the bottom of each page.) You also receive full written instructions on how to create your own site, plus invaluable style hints and tips.

If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person and want to get stuck into running your own website, at very reasonable cost, you'll be happy to take it from there. You can enter and format text, include pictures and graphs, add links and tables - in fact you have every tool you need to create a compelling website with very little prior knowledge.

If you can use a word processing package like Microsoft™ Word™, you'll have no problem using our unique technology. It's very easy to learn - you'll be up and running in minutes.

We've set up a demonstration page so you can see for yourself how simple the process is.

A BlankCanvas™ package includes a number of other features - everything you need to get online, in fact. And there's a lage number of add-ons, from additional pages to reply forms, to templates to get you started - all available very simply and at a very reasonable cost.

Then, when you're ready to upgrade to a more sophisticated site, maybe using database technology, e-commerce or interactive programming, we'll be there to help you get exactly what you want - while still maintaining the easy content management capabilities provided in your original BlankCanvas™ package.